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5 Reasons to Plan Your Next Field Trip at Highlands Sports Complex

5 Reasons to plan you next field trip at highlands sports complex

Are you searching for a real-world learning experience that gives young students access to tools and new environments within their communities? Then it’s time for a field trip and we highly recommend Highlands Sports Complex!

A field trip allows schools to help students experience different parts of their communities outside the classroom. It gives them a chance to partake in hands-on learning to make concepts more realistic and increases understanding.

Highlands Sports Complex is a one-stop-shop when it comes to field trips. We provide a full-service experience focused on the mind and body.

Here are five reasons you should plan a field trip with us.

HSC Field Trip on Play Climb

Kids are challenged to overcome fears in the Play Climb

We offer a climbing course that challenges kids of all ages. The 30+ walls and obstacles featured in the Play Climb test fear, skill, speed, and power.

One climbing session tests the limits of physical and mental strength which helps kids learn how to overcome adversity. It also presents a situation for classmates to cheer each other on to overcome fears.

There’s no better feeling of accomplishment than jumping off the top of the Skyscraper Walk after climbing on top of each building. It’s a true assessment of mental toughness and strength.

The Play Climb is a great space to allow young children to have fun and explore their mind and body in a safe environment monitored by young mentors who provide moral support.

Organized sports promote comradery and teamwork

There are many opportunities at Highlands Sports Complex to create team environments where kids must work together to achieve a common goal on our courts and fields.

A game of kickball on the indoor turf, a 3-on-3 basketball tournament, or a game of volleyball are all popular games for field trips. Organized sports are like group projects – each child must contribute to achieve a larger goal.

Playing sports on a field trip allows for healthy competition where students learn to communicate with one another, provide support for teammates, and explore new athletic environments. It’s an important way for them to form new friendships and interests that they may not have experienced before.

Health and wellness teach young children concepts of healthy living

Highlands Sports Complex aims to instill healthy habits in children from a young age. A visit to the complex means a day full of large, open spaces to run around, mental stimulation in the Play Climb and arcade, and healthy food options from our full-service café.

Our facilities and amenities give students a new perspective outside the classroom. Concepts learned in class come to life on our courts and fields as they must use their minds and bodies during every activity.

Our location is accessible for the tri-state area

We’re located just off Interstate 70 in Wheeling, West Virginia. We’re less than 10 miles east from the Pennsylvania border and 10 miles west from the Ohio border. We are in The Highlands development surrounded by many restaurants and businesses.

We can accommodate small or large groups and are a premier destination for field trips.

Schools from all over the tri-state area are welcome to enjoy our facilities. We offer 6 basketball/volleyball courts, an indoor turf, an outdoor field, a Play Climb area, an arcade, a full-service café, and multiple team rooms and mezzanine spaces for gathering.

Staff includes young mentors

The staff at Highlands Sports Complex is a variety of young people trained to help the youth excel in all areas of activity. 

Our staff provides a helping hand for kids who need an extra push to conquer a climbing wall or those who may need a quick tip to put a basketball through the hoop. We’re here to serve our community and we want young kids to feel confident in their abilities after a day at Highlands Sports Complex.

Young staff members at HSC take on the role of mentor as we aim to hire employees who understand that their positive interactions with any child can help boost self-esteem and confidence while he/she is inside the facility.  

Field Trips at Highlands Sports Complex

Our list could go on and on as to why Highlands Sports Complex should be your next field trip destination.

We provide a fun and engaging environment that allows kids to explore and test out new skills. We keep kids busy from the moment they walk through our doors with physical and mental activities that require high energy, critical thinking skills, and teamwork with their classmates. We are the full-service place that allows kids to learn and grow in ways that measure beyond the courts and fields.

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