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West Virginia’s Destination for All Things Baseball

It’s always baseball season at Highlands Sports Complex.

Where else in the Ohio Valley can you bring your slugger to pitch, bat, run, and play – all in one location? We have everything covered at our state-of-the-art sports facility.

Wheeling has a rich history with America’s Pastime. Many of us remember the days of little league, sunflower seeds, breaking in a new glove, or playing catch with a parent in the backyard. Make new baseball memories with us.

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Little League Baseball in the Ohio Valley

Highlands Sports Complex is designed to make it easy for coaches and trainers to help improve their player’s performance on the field. There are countless Little League Coaches and volunteers in the Ohio Valley that make it possible for kids to come together and play the game we love. This time and commitment has helped the Ohio Valley grow into an amazing location for little league baseball.

Highlands Sports Complex partners with youth baseball organizations across the Wheeling-Steubenville area, giving young ballplayers a chance to train year-round. Whether you are training to throw a Phil Niekro knuckleball in our pitching tunnel or trying to hit a line drive in our batting cage – our facility is open to help you improve.

Baseball Facilities at Highlands Sports Complex

Use our baseball facilities to help increase your skills on the diamond. Highlands Sports Complex is a perfect complement to your local baseball field. Our indoor turf batting cages and pitching tunnels make it easy for you to train without having to chase down the ball.

Our pitching tunnels, complete with mounds, are designed to improve your overall pitching skills and help young pitchers take command of every throw. This hassle-free, safe, controlled environment makes it easy to get in your reps without wasting time and energy.

The batting cages at Highlands Sports Complex are an effective way for you to increase your hitting and hand-eye coordination. Often cited as one of the most difficult feats in sports, batting takes practice and repetition. Our enclosed batting cages make it easy for your high school athlete, little leaguer, or a grown adult to get in some reps. Utilize the provided pitching machines to work on hitting the high heat or tricky breaking ball.

Pitching and Batting are important, but you also need to be conditioned to be a success. Take advantage of our baseball training center, which includes batting cages/pitching tunnels, turf space, and baseball equipment – such as pitchers’ mounds, L screens, and other training aids. We provide equipment on site that helps take your training to the next level. Hit harder and run faster while training at Highlands Sports Complex.

More Things To Do for Families

There are no limits for who can use our facility. Highlands Sports Complex location is ideal for travelers and for West Virginia residents. Our sports facility is family-friendly and there’s something for everyone. Hit up the arcade or play climb areas while others are training in the batting cages.

Climb, game, and adventure with Highlands Sports Complex. Fun awaits for everyone in the family.

Baseball Activities at Highlands Sports Complex

We are ready for all of your Spring Training. Truthfully, there is no need to wait for spring. Highlands Sports Complex has baseball activities year-round. We have camps, youth development classes, and the best youth leagues in the Ohio Valley and welcome you to learn more.

Youth baseball Development Classes

Baseball is loved by all ages. We help with pee-wees (ages 6-8) and continue more advanced training to varsity athletes. If you are looking to increase your basic fundamentals or taping into your critical thinking by deep diving into baseball strategy, we can help.

Our baseball development classes tend to be multiple-week courses with a selected day/time.

Youth baseball camps

Our baseball camps help develop skills in throwing, catching, hitting, base running, defensive alignment, and more. Find out if you are the next recipient of the Cy Young Award or maybe a Golden Glover. We have the camps to help you develop your specialty.

Baseball camps are offered in sessions and separated by ages. Our camps have limited quantity and are offered on selective dates.

Youth Baseball Leagues

Our youth leagues bring clubs from the surrounding areas as we continue to help grow and promote America’s Pastime! We aim to install a sense of enjoyment for playing baseball in a competitive environment and is a perfect addition to our youth development classes.

Youth Baseball Leagues (commonly referred to as Little League Baseball) are designed for boys and girls from ages 8-12.

baseball Training

Baseball training is available for young athletes looking to take their game to the next level. Highlands Sports baseball coaches offer private trainings for individuals or small groups. 

Level up your Hitting, Fielding, Pitching, Catching, and overall skills with personalized training for you or a small group.

Baseball Events at Highlands Sports Complex

Let’s go out to the ballgame. You can be part of the crowd! Come join us for our baseball events, tournaments, and related activities.

Interested in sports at Highlands Sports Complex?

Whether you are a coach looking for practice space or a parent interested in upcoming programming, fill out our form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

Baseball News Around the Valley

You can turn on local news for updates on the Pittsburgh Pirates and Washington Wildthings, but you join us for all things local baseball. Highlands Sports Complex will keep you updated with all of the relevant youth baseball news in the Ohio Valley.

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