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There is no other place in the Ohio Valley that Compares to Highlands Sports Complex.

Calling all coaches, commissioners, and event planners! We have indoor and outdoor rental spaces to accommodate your leagues, practices, and events. 


Join in the fun and play in our fieldhouse. We have camps, classes, and leagues for you.

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Fieldhouse Rental at Highlands Sports Complex

42,000 Square Feet

CourtsStandard PriceIntroductory Pricing**
All Courts (6)$300/hr$150/hr
Full Court$60/hr$30/hr
Half Court/Pickleball$35/hr$17.50/hr
Dr. Dish Rental$25/hr-

Outdoor Field Rental at Highlands Sports Complex

89,640 Square Feet

FieldsStandard PriceIntroductory Pricing**
Full Field (120 yds x 70 yds)$70/hr$35/hr
Half Field (70 yds x 45 yds)$40/hr$20/hr

Indoor Turf Rental at Highlands Sports Complex

88,000 Square Feet

TurfStandard PriceIntroductory Pricing**
Full Turf (120 yds x 65 yds)$300/hr$150/hr
Half Turf (60 yds x 65 yds)$175/hr$87.50/hr
Quarter Turf (65 yds x 30 yds)$100/hr$50/hr

Batting Cages

CagesStandard PriceIntroductory Pricing**
One Cage (½ Hour)$30$15
One Cage (1 Hour)$55/hr$27.50/hr
Two Cages (1 Hour)$100/hr$50/hr
½ Hour 5 Pack$135$67.50
½ Hour 10 Pack$255$127.50
½ Hour 25 Pack$600$300
Baseball/Softball Training Center* $125/hr$62.50/hr

*Includes up to four cages, turf space, and equipment


All cancellations or reschedules must be done 24 hours in advance. If the renter cancels the rental within the 24 hour period or doesn’t show up, the renter will be responsible for the full booking price. 

Facility Rentals at HSC

Whether sports-related or not, give us a call today to discuss your needs and how we can transform our facilities to meet them! Just looking for a place to play for a short period of time? We offer daily open rates where you can visit and play at our complex.

Highlands Sports Complex is the Mid-Atlantic’s most exciting place to play.

Highlands Sports Complex is a state-of-the-art sports and recreation facility designed to host the best events, tournaments, and programs in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Highlands Sports Complex has the instructors, trainers, and facilities to set you up to win any match.

Highlands Sports Complex welcomes you to join us and become the next baseball star.

Highlands Sports Complex offers the ideal location for your next pickleball tournament, game, and league.