Venues at Highlands Sports Complex


West Virginia’s Destination for Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a public showing (as of works of art, objects of manufacture, or athletic skill). 

Synonymous with Expos and Trade Shows, exhibitions are public events held for businesses to set up booths and display their goods and services to the public. They are a great marketing event for businesses. 

These events are usually held in large convention centers and complexes, similar to the size of Highlands Sports Complex. Exhibitions attract large crowds so they require a vast amount of space, amenities inside the building, and close proximity to dining.

Why Should You Hold An Exhibition at Highlands Sports Complex?

Let’s begin with location. Highlands Sports Complex is located off I-70 in The Highlands development. We’re located in a prime location as we are just 10 minutes both directions from the Pennsylvania and Ohio state borders. 

To give you a better sense of the metropolitan areas closest to us, we’re less than a 1-hour drive from Pittsburgh, 2 hours from Columbus, and 5 hours from Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. 

Not to mention, we’re also located in The Highlands development, which includes over 90+ businesses – dining, entertainment, and shopping!

Space is a top priority when planning an exhibition and we’ve got it! Our complex’s size spans over 200,000 square feet. We have enough space to fit an occupancy of 11,000 people. 

The fieldhouse is 44,000 square feet and the indoor turf measures at over 88,000 square feet! Each area comes equipped with technology, privacy curtains, and special flooring to cover the athletic courts or fields. 

The third thing you’ll need is access to amenities. We have 7 bathrooms throughout our complex – 4 female, 3 male. Plus, ample amount of seating, water fountains, vending machines, free parking, and a full-service cafe. Our building is also handicap accessible.

Climb, game, and adventure with Highlands Sports Complex. Fun awaits for everyone in the family.

Let’s Plan Your Exhibition

Traditionally set up for sports tournaments, our facility was designed to host world-class events of all kinds. Highlands Sports Complex employs a team of dedicated individuals who are the best in the business at meeting all needs for any type of event.  

To get started on planning your exhibition, fill out our book event form today and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We recognize the need for our event space, which is why we strive to be an affordable venue for trade shows. We’ll work with your budget to deliver the best exhibition possible!

Event Rental

Sports may be in our name, but Highlands Sports Complex was designed to host the best events of all kinds. Our affordable venue is a one-stop shop destination for events happening in the Ohio Valley.

Trade Shows

Trade shows require a lot of space – and we have just that. There is no limit to our facility. The indoor turf alone is 88,000 square feet! If you’re still looking for more room, we can add on the fieldhouse, which is 44,000 square feet. You’ll have space for every vendor to show off their products and services.


Whether it’s a for a smaller executive meeting or a big corporate event, we have the amenities ready for you. There are four designated meeting spaces equipped with technology for the smaller to mid-size groups. For larger groups, we can transform the traditional basketball court(s) into a meeting room by sectioning off the area with our curtains, setting up chairs, and providing technology for speakers.


The open concept for your convention may not be suitable for you. That’s why we can section off areas of the facility through our state-of-the-art curtains? We can take our open six basketball courts and section them off into six private enclosed areas. The same goes for the indoor turf – we can set up four enclosed areas for your convention. And don’t forget the four designated meeting space areas. That’s 14 individual areas to host the different parts of your convention.

Upcoming Events at Highlands Sports Complex

Highlands Sports Complex has events big and small. If you want to see some local sports or experience a niche trade show, we have always have something exciting going on.