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West Virginia’s Destination for Conferences

A conference is most commonly known as a formal meeting for discussion. Conferences can include a variety of types dependent upon what the overall goal of the conference is. Whether it be categorized as a symposium, seminar, or a workshop – all conferences are set up to meet and discuss.

The different types of conferences will determine time, space, and equipment needed to host your conference. If you’re hosting a roundtable conference, discussion will be the most important factor, which means you’ll need designated tables and chairs set up for participants to interact with one another.

A seminar would allow for an audience set up as you may only have a few keynote speakers on a stage presenting to an audience with breakout sessions after the presentation.

Regardless of type, Highlands Sports Complex is capable of meeting every need to help set your conference up for success.

Hosting a Conference at Highlands Sports Complex

A place designed for sports may not be the first venue that comes to mind when planning a conference. Typically, universities and larger ballrooms are an ideal spot. We’re here to offer you a unique option with tons of time, space, and equipment available!

The complex has four designated meeting spaces equipped with technology for the smaller to mid-size groups. For larger groups, we can transform the traditional basketball court(s) into a meeting room by sectioning off the area with our curtains, setting up chairs, and providing technology for speakers.

Access to technology, equipment, and additional tables and chairs is no problem. We have over 120,000 square feet to offer split between the indoor turf field and the entire fieldhouse. That means you can pick and choose to rent all of the space or just some of it to set up different areas of your conference.

In addition to the private meeting rooms, the fieldhouse and the indoor turf come equipped with floor-to-ceiling curtains where spaces can be sectioned off for additional privacy. You get to decide the level of privacy needed!

In regards to time – rentals can be mapped out per single day. You’ll work with a member of our management staff to figure out when is the best time to host your conference.

More Things To Do for Families

Our facilities are for everyone. Highlands Sports Complex location is ideal for travelers and for Wheeling, West Virginia residents. Our sports facility is family-friendly and can keep the kids busy while the parents participate in trade shows, expos, or conferences. The arcade, batting cages, fieldhouse, and play climb are great ways to keep the youth entertained.

Climb, game, and adventure with Highlands Sports Complex. Fun awaits for everyone in the family.

Plan Your Conference

Events are a large part of how we run our facility at Highlands Sports. Not only do we have over 200,000 square feet of space, we have a large, dedicated staff ready to meet all of your needs. Located just 1 hour from Pittsburgh, we’re conveniently located off I-70 in The Highlands development.

Surrounded by 90+ businesses, there is plenty to do, see, and eat at The Highlands!

To get started on planning your conference, fill out our book event form today and one of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible.

We recognize the need for our event space, which is why we strive to be an affordable venue for trade shows. We’ll work with your budget to deliver the best trade show possible!

Event Rental

Sports may be in our name, but Highlands Sports Complex was designed to host the best events of all kinds. Our affordable venue is a one-stop shop destination for events happening in the Ohio Valley.


One of the biggest benefits of hosting at HSC are the views. The open concept along our main hallway ensures that nobody will miss a second of your event. Our layout forces guests to pass by each stop when grabbing food or using the restroom.


The open concept for your convention may not be suitable for you. That’s why we can section off areas of the facility through our state-of-the-art curtains? We can take our open six basketball courts and section them off into six private enclosed areas. The same goes for the indoor turf – we can set up four enclosed areas for your convention. And don’t forget the four designated meeting space areas. That’s 14 individual areas to host the different parts of your convention.


Your event is not limited to the space inside our facilities. We also have a long second floor mezzanine where you can house more vendors for your event. We will make sure all available space is maximized to its fullest potential.

Upcoming Events at Highlands Sports Complex

Highlands Sports Complex has events big and small. If you want to see some local sports or experience a niche trade show, we have always have something exciting going on.