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WELL health-saftey

The Highlands Sports Complex is a WELL Building, certified by the International WELL Building Institute.

Inspired as a Sports Complex that at its core has health and wellness in mind in our work, WELL Building Certification ensures that our facilities mirror the same work that our bodies do and enhance the functions of each of our body’s systems. Each of the following concepts in which we’re certified also ensures that our work is enhanced by the built environment and its influence on occupant health and is tied to equity, global health concepts, is evidence-based, is technically robust, is customer focused, and is resilient. The International WELL Building Institute “aspires to advance healthy buildings for all.”

WELL Building Certification incorporates all of the ten WELL Concepts that include and integrate with each other:

Our mission is: To improve health and economic vitality of the communities we serve.

In addition to our key mission, we also have a WELL-inspired mission that has been added since we’ve instituted WELL Concepts throughout our Highlands Project:

“Highlands Sports Complex is an extension of our larger community. The project reflects the importance of our facilities to human physical and mental health. It is designed as a living, breathing reflection of human health, the systems of the body reflected throughout the entire facility, its policies, and operations. Human and community health depends on our air, our water, our food supply and its nutritional value, the ability to move, and in turn, remain physically and emotionally fit from cradle to grave. Our location with fresh air and natural features located near diverse use sites in retail, entertainment and health and well-being promotes the physical and mental health of our community. These principles are reflected in all the work we do at Highlands Sports. We believe that we can improve the health of our staff and visitors through promoting all components of our health mission through planning, action, and enhancing our own culture to be health and wellness driven. All operations and maintenance decisions have human health and happiness in mind. Our human and natural ecosystems are connected through the built environment created for our employees and visitors and monitors human comfort in light and sound levels, temperature and humidity, and materials as well as other indoor factors controlled and monitored by our staff to ensure the mental and physical health of our staff and visitors. Highlands Sports Complex is a model for how our community should view its own physical, mental, and emotional health and wellness.”



The WELL Air concept aims to ensure high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime through diverse strategies that include source elimination or reduction, active and passive building design and operation strategies and human behavior interventions. Highlands Sports Complex applies the RESET Air Crosswalk, guaranteeing high quality indoor environmental quality by monitoring air and thermal comfort components ensuring the health of occupants at all times.


The WELL Water concept covers aspects of the quality, distribution and control of liquid water in a building. It includes features that address the availability and contaminant thresholds of drinking water, as well as features targeting the management of water to avoid damage to building materials and environmental conditions.


The WELL Nourishment concept requires the availability of fruits and vegetables and nutritional transparency and encourages the creation of food environments where the healthiest choice is the easiest choice.   


The WELL Light concept promotes exposure to light and aims to create lighting environments that are optimal for visual, mental and biological health. 


The WELL Sound concept aims to bolster occupant health and well-being through the identification and mitigation of acoustical comfort parameters that shape occupant experiences in the built environment.


The WELL Materials concept aims to reduce human exposure to hazardous building material ingredients through the restriction or elimination of compounds or products known to be toxic and the promotion of safer replacements. Compounds known to be hazardous to the health of occupational workers and/or known to bioaccumulate or aggregate in the environment are also restricted and, in some instances, not permitted.


The WELL Movement concept promotes movement, physical activity and active living and discourages sedentary behaviors through environmental design strategies, programs and policies.   

Thermal Comfort

The WELL Thermal Comfort concept aims to promote human productivity and ensure a maximum level of thermal comfort among all building users through improved HVAC system design and control and by meeting individual thermal preferences.


The WELL Mind concept promotes mental health through policy, program and design strategies that seek to address the diverse factors that influence cognitive and emotional well-being.    


The WELL Community concept aims to support access to essential healthcare, workplace health promotion and accommodations for new parents while establishing an inclusive, integrated community through social equity, civic engagement and accessible design. 

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We are equipped to host events of all types in sizes. Parties, tournaments, corporate events. We can host them all.

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