Highlands Sports Complex Events

Venue Rentals

Cutting-Edge Facility for First-Rate Events

Highlands Sports Complex is the premier location for hosting events, conferences, and tournaments. Our state-of-the-art sports facility can accommodate small and large events. Our venue’s flexibility and customization will ensure you don’t overpay and don’t underdeliver at your conference or trade show.

Where is Highlands Sports Complex?

Our venue is located in Triadelphia, West Virginia (minutes from Wheeling, West Virginia) in a shopping district known as The Highlands. Highlands Sports Complex is right on Interstate 70, making it easy to find and quick to access.

When traveling from Ohio or West Virginia (East), you take exit 10 to Cabela Drive.

If traveling from Pennsylvania or the Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT), you follow Interstate 79 and exit towards I-70 West until you take exit 10 (Cabela Drive).

Popular Cities Near Highlands Sports Complex

Highlands Sports Complex attracts visitors from all across the United States. If you are coming to our venue for an event, tournament, or trade show, there are several nearby airports and travel destinations.

  • Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) – 56 miles
  • Morgantown Municipal Airport (MGW) – 72 miles
  • Columbus International Airport (CMH) – 135 miles
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)- 179 miles

Partnering with Bordering States

We work with sports directors, event coordinators, and trade show specialists throughout the region. It is not unusual to hold sports events and tournaments with athletes from our nearby states – Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Maryland, and Kentucky. We partner with many nearby hotels and resorts for overnight stays and lodging.

Person walking with a suit case and a football in his hands

We can compete with any large metropolis sports complex. When booking an event with Highlands Sports Complex, we customize our space to fit your vision. Don’t feel like you must hold your event in a large neighboring city. We have everything you need, and more.

Map showing Highlands sports complex
  • Washington, Pennsylvania – 26-minute drive
  • Zanesville, Ohio – 1-hour 17-minute drive
  • Canton, Ohio – 1-hour 40-minute drive
  • Altoona, Pennsylvania – 2 hours 29-minute drive
  • Charleston, West Virginia – 2 hours 43-minute drive
  • Dayton, Ohio – 3 hours 5-minute drive
  • Hagerstown, Maryland – 3 hours 10-minute drive
  • Cincinnati, Ohio – 3 hours 32-minute drive
  • Toledo, Ohio – 4 hours 5-minute drive
  • Fort Wayne, Indiana – 4 hours 40-minute drive

Tournaments at Highlands Sports Complex

HSC is Your Perfect Venue for Sports

Sports is in our blood and in our name. There isn’t a better location to book your tournament than HSC. Whether you are a small local tournament or a regional tournament with hundreds of athletes, we have the space and the skill to make sure your event goes according to plan.

Venue for Small Tournaments

If you need a court or field, we have it. We work along side many small-medium sized organizations, giving them advice and clear plans to hold a successful tournament. Just because our facility can handle large tournaments doesn’t mean we don’t work with smaller groups. Our facility is made to handle large and small.

Our fieldhouse is perfect for Basketball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Cheering, and a variety of indoor sports. We have 6 courts that can be blocked off and/or separated. Each court includes scoreboards and seating for your individual audience. You can rent one court or all six.

Need a field? We have several. Football, Baseball, Softball, Soccer, and Lacrosse tournaments are welcomed at HSC. Our indoor turf and outdoor field make it easy to hold your tournament with us. Whether you need the entire field or need it divided, we have options.

Venue for Large Tournaments

If you are looking to hold your national or regional tournament with Highlands Sports Complex, you are in good hands. We have professionals with years of experience ready to help schedule and promote your event.

Never worry about running out of space or time. Our fieldhouse has six full-size regulation courts (that can be divided into smaller sections). We have an outdoor field with stadium lighting. Our indoor turf is a perfect venue for your soccer, football, or lacrosse tournament.

We know that tournaments can often run several days. We have plenty of options for lodging and even more options to keep you occupied. We are located within The Highlands Shopping district, that offers dozens of retail and food options. We also have an arcade and play climb area within our facility.

Let Highlands Sports Complex Help with Your Conference

Everyone knows we are sports specialists, but we also are experts with conferences and events. Highlands Sports Complex offers great conference rooms and space for your corporate meeting or retreat. Thinking bigger? We can utilize our fieldhouse for trade shows, as an event hall, or for live performances.

Venue for Conferences

Stopping renting out small or limited hotel conference space. Highlands Sports Complex offers a unique chance for your team to retreat, learn, and connect. We offer conference rooms that can be customized for large and small groups. When the business is over, you can participate in team building activities in the fieldhouse, play climb, or our fields.

Our fieldhouse can be the perfect location for you to bring in large groups and have presentations or gatherings. Our 42,000 square foot fieldhouse can be divided and customized to fit your requirements and specifications.

Venue for Trade Shows

The Ohio Valley and Greater Wheeling area love and supports trade shows. If you are looking to hold a successful trade show, there is no better venue for rent. Our fieldhouse can accommodate large or small expositions. Whether you want to hold a technology, manufacturing, or food trade show, we have the space and there is an audience.

If you are looking for a single-day show or a multiple-day experience, we can help plan, setup, and promote your event. Highlands Sports Complex reaches thousands of individuals each month through various sporting and corporate events. We can help you run and promote a successful show.

Venue and Event Rental Prices

Every event is different and we know you have specific requests. Although some prices are cut and dry (hourly rental of fields and courts), others requests will require a personal conversation.

Our even planners are capable and willing to have a phone conversation, video conference, or scheduling meeting to hear about your requests and needs.

We offer a variety of event packages and can work with you to find the perfect solution for your next conference, event, or tournament.

Reach out today to start planning and book our state-of-the-art venue.