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Youth Softball camps

Develop Your Softball Skills at Highlands Sports Complex

Join us for an engaging and fun way to learn the sport of Softball or take your skills to the next level. Highlands Sports Complex offers youth Softball camps for a variety of ages – elementary school to high school students. Camps are designed so that all skill levels will have fun and learn techniques to be a better Softball player.

Youth Softball Camps Available at Highlands Sports Complex

There are no camps scheduled at this time. Check back or keep up with us on Facebook as we are constantly adding new programs throughout the year.

What Can I Expect from a Youth Softball Camps?

Camps are catered to each age group. Although we will have beginners starting in every age group, skills and knowledge are more advanced as you increase in age. We make sure every camper is challenged, whether that is asking a little more or a little less compared to the group.

Our Softball camps are designed into sessions, split by age.

Youth Softball Camps at Highlands Sports Complex are designed for boys and girls.

If you would prefer other Softball options, take a look at Youth Softball Development Classes. These classes are spread out over several weeks, training once a week.

What Equipment Do I Need to Participate in Highlands Sports Complex Softball Camps?

Each camper should bring their own Softball glove. Bats, helmets, and Softballs will be provided. 

Although we don’t require any additional equipment, extra protective gear can be used during our classes. These items include Softball pants, mouth guards, protective cups, batting gloves, or protective eye gear.

Athletic shoes and pants are recommended to participate. A T-Shirt is included when participating in the camp.

Where do the Youth Softball Camps take place in Highlands Sports Complex?

Highlands Sports Complex has two full-size regulation turf fields – inside and outside. Our indoor turf and outdoor field can be divided into multiple practice locations. 

Individual information will be provided upon signing up for your individual development class.

Interested in more Softball Activities at Highlands Sports Complex?

Youth Softball Classes are a great way to get your athlete acquainted with the sport. If you need more Softball in your life, we offer Softball Development ClassesYouth Softball Leagues, and state-of-the-art facilities to help train.

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