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Youth Football Leagues

Develop Your Football Skills at Highlands Sports Complex

You have been practicing, training, and developing your skills. It is now time to play!

Highlands Sports Complex is the perfect location for your next flag football game. We provide a safe and comfortable location for young football players to compete and building lasting memories.

NFL Flag Football
Indoor League

Are you ready for some football?! No need to check the calendar to see if it’s a weekend, Highlands Sports Complex gives you the opportunity for football seven days a week. Our state-of-the-art facility provides you with indoor turf and an outdoor field. Go deep because we want you to be the next to catch a touchdown!

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Youth Football Leagues Available at Highlands Sports Complex

Six to eight week classes are held in the fall and spring where our instructors concentrate on fundamentals that initiate children to the game as well as develop skills to become ready for a game atmosphere.

Flag Football Development League

What Can I Expect from a Youth Football League?

Our leagues are designed to showcase the talents of our young football players, while also helping them develop essential teamwork and competitive skills to grow. Safety is our number one focus. We have trained officials, coaches, and support staff to make sure that every game is safe and supervised.

More information will be released in the future in regards to specific details about our Youth Flag Football Leagues.

What Equipment Do I Need to Participate in Highlands Sports Football Leagues?

Leagues vary, but all flag football players are required to have the following equipment:

  • Comfortable athletic clothing, preferably a t-shirt and athletic shorts
  • Athletic shoes, turf shoes, or molded/rubber cleats are acceptable to wear. Please NO metal cleats.

The team will provide a uniform for the league. 

Be sure to check with your coach or league official for any other requested items.

Where do the Youth Football Camps take place in Highlands Sports Complex?

Highlands Sports Complex has two full-size regulation turf fields – inside and outside. Our indoor turf is also available as four small-sided fields, while the outdoor field can be divided into multiple fields.

Individual information will be provided upon signing up for your league.

Interested in more Football Activities at Highlands Sports Complex?

Youth Flag Football Classes are a great way to get your athlete acquainted with the sport. If you need more football in your life, we offer Football CampsYouth Flag Football Development Classes, and state-of-the-art facilities to help train.

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