Highlands Sports Complex WELL

Well AP

WELL Accredited Professional

The WELL Air concept aims to ensure high levels of indoor air quality across a building’s lifetime through diverse strategies that include source elimination or reduction, active and passive building design and operation strategies and human behavior interventions. Highlands Sports Complex applies the RESET Air Crosswalk, guaranteeing high quality indoor environmental quality by monitoring air and thermal comfort components ensuring the health of occupants at all times.

I02: WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP)

Focus: to recognize projects that engage a WELL AP to support the WELL certification process.

Why it's Important:

The WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) credential denotes expertise in WELL and a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities. The presence of a WELL AP on a project team can benefit project planning and achievement efforts by streamlining the WELL application and certification process.

Who is our WELL Accredited Professional:

The WELL Accredited Professional who guided this process with all stakeholders in Craig Stevenson, President of AUROS Group.

I03: Educate WELL

Focus: to promote on-going education about WELL by encouraging projects to offer building tours and educational components highlighting WELL features pursued for certification..

Why it's Important:

Increasing awareness about healthy buildings is a central part of WELL’s mission. Education on WELL is best showcased by inviting individuals into the physical project space and highlighting the WELL features pursued. To receive credit for this Innovation, projects must provide tours of the space as well as implement education strategies that enable building occupants and visitors to learn more about the impact of built spaces on their health and well-being. 

How We Do It:

Highlands Sports Complex is proud to feature WELL concepts within our facility and the culture of Sports Facilities Management. As a result of our commitment to these concepts, Highlands Sports Complex not only will schedule WELL tours featuring all ten WELL Concepts, the facility website will offer open invitations and contact information for groups of people and organizations to schedule a WELL tour. Tour offers is advertised on Highlands Sports Complex website and done through outreach to civic, governmental, education, and private sector stakeholders in order to promote health and well-being in all sectors through the WELL Building Standard. Tours are also available upon request for groups of all sizes.